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Brief history of National Center of Public Policy Research NGO

Our NGO was established in 2017. The total portfolio of NGO as of now is about USD 150000, and includes project with funding from various donor organizations. 

The main focus of NGO is monitoring of PFM and especially public procurement at a country and regional level. Moreover, we are analyzing SME trends and especially their participation in public procurement processes. Our NGO is promoting transparency and accountability initiatives in PFM area. Furthermore, we did education expenditure review underlying also KPIs that are used in education planning. In this sense we are strongly working with Ministry of Education. In addition, we are presenting main social-economic trends in mass media.

During these years we did a lot of training (training for active groups, NGOs and journalists in all Armenian marzes) and published a guidebook for investigative journalists on how to gather and analyze the public procurement data.

About us

Hovsep Emin str. 16
0010 Yerevan, RA

+374 93 81 36 20

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Հովսեփ Էմին 16, Երևան, ՀՀ, 0010

+374 93 81 36 20

Hovsep Emin str. 16
0010 Yerevan Armenia

+374 93 81 36 20